Drone Tech UAS sets the standard for Unmanned Aircraft education. With a industry leading team of experts, we are here to help you succeed. With over 50 years of combined Drone and Education experience, Drone Tech has the solution for your training needs!


Tony Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Reid is the Founder and CEO of Drone Tech UAS. Tony started Drone Tech UAS to help train correctional facilities on how to combat new difficulties arising from drones. Tony was previously a New York City Corrections Officer and dealt with these issues first hand. Tony also served his country with distinction in the US Army. He has taken the company to a new level of educational instruction by developing and implementing training for a wide variety of applications and developing youth programs to get the next generation into the UAV industry. A few career highlights include:

  • FAA Certified Remote Pilot Instructor

  • NYC Correction Officer

  • Special Search Team

  • Emergency Services Unit

  • Over 500 Hours of Flight Experience

  • United States Army Sergeant

  • Custom UAV Builds

  • Level One sUAS Thermography

Mike Johnson



Mike Johnson is the Co-Founder of Drone Lecture and has a diverse background in both Law Enforcement and video distribution systems. Mike spent 11 years in the securities field before making the career switch to IR/RF video distributions. He worked for 13 years as a Multimedia Specialist for Mawr College and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. He is a graduate of the Illinois Technical College and has a ton of experience in optimizing multimedia systems and training people on how to effectively distribute video from UAS platforms.


Alex Parris


Alex brings an impressive career in the communications industry to Drone Tech. He served his country with distinction for 23 years in the US Army Reserve. He is the founder of Drone Lecture LLC, a company that gives speeches across the globe on utilizing drone technology. He helps ensure that Drone Tech's message is presented in the best possible way and is continuously improving.

Alex is also one of the primary teachers at Drone Tech and is constantly working in the field to hone his skills. A few career highlights include:

  • FAA Certified Remote Pilot Instructor

  • Over 1000 flight hours

  • US Army Sergeant

  • Associate Degree in Industrial Technology Management

  • Custom UAV Builds